Firm Administrators add to the client experience and are a valuable asset to both the client and the firm they are working with. Often times, especially during tax season madness, you as a client may have a question or concern regarding your personal or business taxes or an array of other possible questions or concerns depending on your particular situation. Some clients may not wish to “bother” the partner or CPA working on their documents or may have contacted them already and have not heard back.  If the CPA firm you’re working with has a Firm Administrator, you have a direct contact/liaison to reach out to.  Often times this person may be able to answer your questions immediately, or if not, will get the answer and get back to you promptly.  Maybe you need a proposal or price quote? Again, your resource is the Firm Administrator. If you have a small business and need assistance with Human Resource issues or need a referral to someone in the firm or community who can assist you with a pressing matter, again, you have a direct resource.  Often times the Firm Administrator has additional credentials or experience in marketing, human resource management or has a plethora of contacts in the community to assist you in whatever your needs or endeavors might be.

If your CPA firm has a Firm Administrator, this indicates they are committed to excellence for their staff and their clients, as well as their community involvement. Compare CPA firms before you make your final selection and investigate whether or not you’ll have access and benefit from a Firm Administrator before making that selection.